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What do you get when you toss award-winning documentaries, artists, activists and adventurers all into Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House? The second annual MountainSummit in Aspen, a four-day celebration of film, adventure and advocacy. A slightly downsized version of Mountainfilm in Telluride, the festival co-sponsored by Outside, the replica Tag Heuer CAF2112.BA0809 Men's Watch Aspen event kicks off next Thursday with Gasland, director Josh Foxs investigation into the impact of drilling for natural gas, and Eastern Rises, a fly-fishing misadventure on Russias grizzly- and salmon-choked Kamchatka peninsula.

Speakers include John Vaillant, author of the The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival and Tom Shadyac, director of the autobiographical film I AM, about Shadyacs search for happiness and meaning among the glamour and glitz replica Tag Heuer WAB1110.BA0800 Men's Watch of Hollywood. Tickets cost $99 for an all-event pass, $36 for a four-punch pass, and $12 for a single ticket. Buy them here. Check out the forthcoming September issue of Outside for our first-ever documentary canon, guest-edited by MountainFilm festival director David Holbrooke.--Erin Beresini

A number of teams on the mountain have established themselves at Camp III. On the First Ascent team, Ed Viesturs and Peter Whittaker established Camp III at 23,400 feet, while Dave Hahns team remained hunkered down at Camp II to wait out a replica Tag Heuer CAF1110.BA0804 Men's Watch blizzard. The weather was fairly cooperative as Viesturs, Whittaker, and co. made their way up to the base of the Lhotse Face. A whiteout occurred as they were setting up their tents, but the crew accomplished what they needed.

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Until then, the only thing that is entirely clear is that out of sight should not necessarily mean out of mind.Resources For Following the Oil SpillThe Observatory - The Columbia Journalism Reviews environmental blog continues to critique the replica Tag Heuer waf2111.ba0806 Men's Watch medias coverage of the spill. Science Magazine - Veteran and award-winning science journalist Dick Kerr and colleagues follow the science of the spill.AP Coverage of the Spill - Videos, photos, and reports from the Gulf.Mother Jones on the Spill - Kate Sheppard, Julia Whitty and colleagues blog on the spill.NOAA on the Spill - Reports and news from the federal agency.--Joe Springjoespring

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Americans David Gottlieb and Joe Puryear have climbed 22,237 foot Jobo Rinjang, one of Nepal’s largest previously unsummitted peaks. The pair reached the peak after several days of exploring and acclimatizing themselves upon the Lunag massif, of replica Tag Heuer waf1112.ft8009 Men's Watch which Jobo Rinjang is a satellite summit.The duo slept the night atop the summit, hoping to make a break for Lunag I, the highest peak in the group and the highest in Nepal yet to be climbed. The new study offers one small piece of understanding to the large puzzle of whats going on in the Gulf. Scientists still cant say for certain why the oil exists in large diluted concentrations at such depth.

Dangerously unstable snow turned the two away from the last and highest spire.Before their summit bivy, the men crossed acres of exposed glaciers only to spend 21 hours climbing the 5500 foot south face of the mountain, dodging falling rock and the self-slipups of sleep deprivation. Like many big Himalayan peaks, Jobo Rinjang perches on the replica Tag Heuer CAF1112.BA0803 Men's Watch border between Nepal and China. Gottlieb and Puryear inked their names in the record books just last fall when they completed the first ascent of 22,096 foot Kang Nachugo. Sean Brander

They point to the depth of the spill, the cold water temps, and as Safina suggested back in June, the use of dispersants as possible causes. “A lot of that oil, and the toxic constituents in that oil, has probably been dispersed into the water column, and that is what these scientific discoveries are finding out — there appear to be these plumes,” replica Tag Heuer Watch environmental toxicologist Ron Kendall told PopSci.But there are no definite answers yet.What all this means is that the exact movement of oil and the amount of oil left in the Gulf are still not completely understood. Small pieces of understanding will be added with more published studies.

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As many have already pointed out, dispersed and dissolved do not mean gone. NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco said that the report was a release of general estimates, and not a definitive assessment. Still, scientists and reporters seeking to verify the agencys oil budget numbers have not been given the data or exact replica Tag Heuer CAF2112.BA0809 Men's Watch calculations for some of the results.One new peer-reviewed scientific study offers an in-depth look at how one specific underwater plume in the gulf is behaving. A team led by Dr. Richard Camilli, of Woods Hole, surveyed a 22-mile-long plume suspended 3,000 feet below the suce of the Gulf and tested for hydrocarbons.

In places they found it to be roughly a mile wide and 600-feet thick, containing minute measurements of oil and hydrocarbons. The oil was not flowing like molasses. Instead, microscopic droplets hung in the water column in dilute concentrations not visible to the human eye. Measurements suggested that it was biodegrading slowly, likely as a result of cold water temps, offering evidence that contradicted the quick break-up replica Tag Heuer WAF2112.BA0806 Men's Watch theory proposed in the governments report.Oil at such depths and in such concentrations matters because scientists fear it could harm the larvae of fish and crustaceans, or that it could build up as it makes its way up the food chain and harm larger fish and mammals.


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Teams with understaffed (and often underpaid) sherpa teams are the same ones that leave a lot of the trash, because they dont have the horsepower to clean up their mess.Thanks Eric. As always, we wish you and your Sherpas and Breitling Bentley Motors T watches climbers a safe and successful season.Climb On!AlanArnette is a speaker, mountaineer and Alzheimers Advocate. You can read more on his site

Torah Bright of Australia has won the gold in the womens halfpipe. Americans Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark won the silver and bronze, respectively. Teter was the winner in the 2006 Games, and Clark was the winner in 2002. Gretchen Bleiler, who won the 2010 Winter X Games, failed to podium. She ended up in 11th place after landing Breitling 1884 Hercules Series watches hard on a trick and tumbling. Bright actually had the worst score in the first run because of a fall, but she bounced back to score 45 out of 50 points for the win. Aileen Torres

Need some help figuring out what to watch this weekend? Check out mens curlingon Friday, when the U.S. faces off with France; the Americans arentdoing too well so far, so theyll need to step it up. You can catch themens SuperG and ski Breitling 50th Anniversary watches jumping events that day, too. On Saturday, Lindsey Vonncompetes in the SuperG; lets see if her crash in the womens supercombined yesterday and her shin injury will affect her performance.Also on Saturday, Apolo Ohno and Shani Davis hit the speedskating rink, and the men go head to head in cross country.