No Smart Person Sets Out To Buy a Fake Diamond And Neither Should You!

A normal return policy gives you at least 30 days from the date of purchase to return the stone. This allows you ample time to get a diamond appraisal from a third party.Please note: diamond rings and items showing signs of wear or those that have been engraved, altered, resized or damaged in any shape, form or fashion, will most likely not be accepted for return.When a jeweler advertises a sale on diamond rings, watch out! True sales on diamond don’t exist and probably never will and for good reason. The retail world diamond supply is carefully orchestrated by De Beers; the mining cartel that controls 65% of the world rough (or uncut) diamond supply.Everyone in the industry knows that De Beers either increases production or throttles back supply to keep prices in their control. Like a lot of women, she did things to enhance her appearance to attract men and I fell for it… at least for a moment. ;I believe in love at first sight, but I also believe in taking a second look!; That second look is what gave her away!Some unscrupulous jewelers and shady dealers do the same thing when it comes to diamond rings; they treat their diamonds but refuse or fail to inform their customers. When it comes to purchasing stones, find out if the jeweler uses treatments of any type. They should be forthright. If not, don’t buy from that jeweler or dealer. We have a saying, ;If it a treated diamond, RETREAT!;If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you should be able to return the item for a full refund as long as it in its original condition.

No Smart Person Sets Out To Buy a Fake Diamond And Neither Should You!

But as I got to know her, I came to find out that she wore colored contact lenses, had hair weave extensions and her seemingly voluptuous size D breasts were actually a cup size B. She was wearing a bra that greatly enhanced her breast size. It used to be, in days gone by, that people purchasing diamond rings didn’t have to be concerned about too much in terms of fakes, fillers and frauds. But now days, with so much at stake, diamond rings have become target for people wanting to take advantage of the ill-informed. How do they do so? By selling what appears to be genuine diamond rings when in fact, they are marketing Cubic Zarconia, treated diamonds, man-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds and altogether fakes. To establish that your diamond is genuine, verify that there is a return policy before you buy, then take the stone to a third party, certified diamond appraiser; you can find one through the American Society of Appraisers or the American Gem Society. A diamond appraisal is a critical step in the diamond buying process; don’t skip it!I once dated a rather pretty girl; she was breathtaking to look at to say the least.

Things Guys Must Know Before They Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

There an abundance of great things you are able to do with the cash you saved on your unique diamond engagement ring purchase!On the lookout for an incredible engagement ring at a deep discount? Check out Cushion Cut Engagement Rings and the Brilliant Cut Diamond. These are two of the hottest Diamond Engagement Rings Currently On The Market! If Find a Better Looking Gem It Will Be a Miracle!Article Source: Things Guys Must Know Before They Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring.Specifically in the event that you are going after a very high quality, rare or a more expensive Diamond Cut such as a Brilliant Cut Diamond. Buying an engagement ring is easy when you know thisTruthfully speaking, paying for a diamond ring from a jewelry chain or a shopping mall is like purchasing a belt from a Fifth Avenue merchant; you are going to shell out top price. Just know that a savvy buyer can obtain the same item down the street for fifty percent off or better. That is definitely why seeking out a dealer is without question the most intelligent way to go.The most important advice you can receive is to take some time, find out about the 4 C of Diamonds, shop around and track down a diamond dealer, make a deal for the most advantageous price tag feasible and when you seal the deal, have a celebration! Thanks to the cash you saved, you can plunk down the left over on a vacation, use it for a down payment on a car, pay off some debts, or start an emergency fund.

Things Guys Must Know Before They Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

As far as the precious metal is concernedThe most general selections are fourteen carat and eighteen carat white or yellow gold. The next runner up is Platinum, which always happens to be the most high-ticket treasured metal of them all.What is the best way to buy diamond? Smart buyers affirm that buying GIA Certified loose diamonds from a diamond wholesaler is almost certainly the recommended means if you want to dramatically reduce your costs.Nonetheless, do not forget that cushion cut gems really show off clarity. That being said, if you are selecting this type of ring it is recommended to find a slightly smaller sized gem with a better quality clarity rating than an even bigger gemstone with a lesser rating.Lastly, there is the cut of the particular gem. To put it succinctly, various diamonds cuts are far more expensive than other diamond cuts. One example is Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings, generally speaking, are considerably more expensive than Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings. You’ll also find that Brilliant Cut Diamonds cost more than Asscher Cut Diamonds and Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings. That why it important to get to know your diamond cuts.One other detail you have got to figure out is the type of setting and precious metal she likes. There are numerous settings to consider which, once again boils down to personal tastes.


Review of the Swatch Paparazzi MSN Direct (SPOT) Watch

The watch has a plethora of features, however everything seems easilyand quickly accessible and configurable. Details like

being able to moveforward or backward by increments of five when holding down buttons makesthe experience feel polished.Great

button feel. The buttons on the Paparazzi feelgreat. Infact, ironically enough, they feel significantly better than they

look. Ithink they tend to look cheap and plasticy (which, of course, they are),however they feel stiff and sound and solid,

but not so stiff that they areuncomfortable to use (unless you record 99 splits with the stopwatch, atwhich point the tip of

your thumb will start to feel it).Great standard watch features. Even with no wirelesscapabilities whatsoever, the Paparazzi

would offer much more than your standarddigital watch.The back light is very similar if not identical on both watches, and

the Paparazziuser manual was obviously derived from the Tissots' as it inadvertently mentionsthings like the touch screen

which is a feature of the High T, not the Paparazzi.The High T is a brilliant watch, offering very innovative features like a

touchscreen (tap the sapphire crystal to change modes rather than having to push buttons),and a vibrating alert. The High T

retails for $725, however, while the Paparazzigoes for a much more reasonable $150. If money were not aconsideration, the

High T would actually be my first choice and my #1 recommendation,but until I receive a complimentary unit to review, I'm

sticking with the Paparazzi.One more feature of the Paparazzi that is worth pointing out is the Internet Timefunction.

Internet Time is Swatch's attempt to modernize time by getting ridof messy and confusing time zones and seemingly arbitrary

and old fashioned units. Theidea is that a day is divided up into 1000 "beats" starting from midnightin Biel,

Switzerland (home of Swatch). Eachbeat is 1 minute and 26.4 seconds which puts noon at exactly 500 beats (expressedas @500).

Midnight, therefore, is @000 beats. Internet Time is the sameall over the world, so you never have toworry about trying to

calculate local times by adding or subtracting offsetsfrom GMT. So at this particular moment, it's @297 all over world, not

juston the east coast of the US. Ilike standardization, however the problem is the lack of context. AlthoughI know it's @297

all over the world, I don't know what that means to anyone elsein the world. Instandard time, it's 1:10 a.m. here, but what

does @297 mean in Japan? Is everyoneasleep, or busy commuting to or home from work? Cool idea, but you probablydon't want to

start telling people to report for a meeting in 5 beats any timesoon.What I like about the Swatch Paparazzi:Good inte***ce.

Swatch can't really take all the creditfor this since I believe the user inte***ce was designed by Microsoft, butwho cares

who gets the credit. The point is that it'sgood.